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Our Story


Ever since it dawned on me that gift wrapping is as important as the gift itself, these questions have been helping me pick the perfect present: Why are you gifting this person? What is the reason behind this gift? Who is that person to you? The gift, together with its fancy wrapping paper, is not just about the occasion taking place. It is a reflection of the giftee’s personality and a symbol of a solid relationship. Drawing a genuine smile in every gift starts with its elaborate paper veil, followed by the glimpse of the secret hiding inside. And when the gift is finally unwrapped, that same exact smile will never wane. That’s Atwrap.

A few years later, I found myself wandering from one idea after another, grabbing every opportunity that the world presented before me. I realized creativity cannot be confined so I decided to nurture the brand’s knack for bringing imagination to life.


Now, Atwrap has its own product line, a photography studio, coworking spaces for rent, and is also offering brand identity development and florals and arrangements. Indeed, the world is filled with gifts and I can’t wait to open the next one with you.



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